Lithops geyeri G.C. Nel (1943)



Collected by A.G.J. (Hans) Herre in September 1939. Named for Dr Albertus Lourens Geyer, an ardent succulent plant enthusiast who discovered a number of new taxa.


RSA: CP, in a small area in the eastern Richtersveld, to the NNW, NE and E of Eksteenfontein. TL 'Namaqualand: Katberg' = Rosyntjieberg (C274).
Stone: Quartzite and schist; quartzite and gneiss; calcrete with some quartzite. Colours brown, yellowish grey, yellowish white, grey-white.


Profile cordate-truncate; top surface convex, occasionally ± flat; fissure fairly deep, 7-13 mm, lobes conjunct, occasionally slightly divergent.
Face flush; mostly ± elliptic; lobes equal to slightly unequal; opaque + transluscent; ± smooth.
Margins distinct usually fairly regular or slightly dentate, but sometimes irregularly sinuate with many peninsulas; inner margins occasionally projected downwards along the outer edges of the fissures and tapered to fine points.
Windows usually ± occluded, sometimes ± completely open.
Channels broad to narrow, irregular.
Islands few to many, small to large, sometimes distinct but usually reduced to indistinct mottling or flecks.
Rubrications absent.
Dusky dots seldom visible even with a lens.
Colours: Margins and islands various shades of pale milky grey, buff or beige, often tinged with cream, yellow or pink, the margins sometimes slightly more intensely coloured. Windows and channels various shades of transluscent pale grey, pale greenish or bluish grey, greyish green or brownish grey-green. Dusky dots dull greyish green. Shoulders as for the margins or somewhat duller.
Size: Small to medium, facial diameters up to 29 X 20 mm, mostly about 20 X 15 mm. Number of heads up to 12 or more, mostly 2-7.


Yellow, often with white centres, small to large, up to 40 mm Ø, mostly 25-30 mm Ø.
Seed capsules mostly 5-merous (97%), otherwise mainly 6-merous (2%), or 4-merous (1%). Profile boat-shaped, top ± flat to slightly peaked or convex. Face broadly elliptic to elliptic, up to 8 X 6,5 mm, mostly about 6,5 X 5,5 mm.
Seeds yellow-brown; tuberculate 1, flecked.

* Information from: COLE, DESMOND T. and NAUREEN A., (2005) Lithops Flowering Stones, Cactus&Co. Libri

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