Lithops coleorum S.A. Hammer & R. Uijs (1994)



Collected in September 1992 and March 1993, and named for Desmond T. and Naureen Cole.
Types: Holotype: Hammer, Brink & Retief 1500 (PRU) (Iso. HNT).


RSA: Limpopo; known from only one locality, near Ellisras, TL C396.
Stone: Mostly ± rounded alluvial quartzite pebbles, on the more or less flat top surface of a conglomerate hillock. Colours mostly light brown to yellowish, also shades of red, brown, pink, opaque white, purplish, stained black, greenish. Soil rather sandy, with much fine gravel, beige in colour; depth of soil very shallow, as little s 20 mm in places.


A small species, somewhat variable, but with distinctive branched markings which make it easy to identify. At first sight, the facial markings are reminiscent of L. pseudotruncatella and its allies, but L. coleorum is clearly distinguished by its total lack of rubrications and completely different seed and capsule structure.
Profile cordate-truncate, top surface convex, fissure fairly deep, mostly 3-5 mm, lobes conjunct.
Face flush to slightly elevated; mostly elliptic; lobes mostly unequal, mostly opaque; smooth.
Margins not clearly distinguishable, being irregularly interrupted by numerous branched intrusions from the channels; inner margins usually manifest as a broken or continuous narrow channel.
Windows usually not clearly distinguishable, always ± occluded, often manifest as broad to narrow very irregularly-shaped channels.
Islands occur only as relatively large and very irregular opaque areas, not distinctly outlined, few to many, small to large.
Rubrications absent.
Dusky dots dark greenish-black, very numerous, mostly clearly visible, scatterd irregularly over the whole face, including margins, islands and channels, sometimes extending onto the shoulders, often concentrated alongside and in the channels.
Colours: Face (margins and islands) opaque, pale to pinkish grey or greyed pink, beige, greyish yellow. Shoulders as for the islands, or a little paler. Channels obscurely transluscent, light to medium brown with a reddish or occasionally a greenish tint. Dusky dots dull dark greenish grey.
Size: Small, facial diameters up to 21 X 14 mm, mostly about 14-18 X 8-12 mm. Number of heads rarely up to 8 or more, mostly 2.


Yellow, small to medium, up to 25 mm Ø, mostly ± 20 mm Ø
Seed capsules mostly 6-merous (54%), otherwise 5-merous (36%) and 7- and 8- merous (10%). Profile boat-shaped, top ± flat. Face broadly elliptic to almost round, up to 7,5 X 6,5 mm.
Seeds yellow-brown with brown tip; smooth.

* Information from COLE, DESMOND T. and NAUREEN A., (2005) Lithops Flowering Stones, Cactus&Co. Libri

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